Silapakorn University developed this culturally imbued activity with the aim to support Thai designers and creativity. Since 2004 the Thai designers have been recognized for their works continuously over the years up to today.

This has resulted in raising the bar for the field of design and promoting the reputation of those whose works deserve recognition.

In order to keep this project going Silapakorn University has appointed the Faculty of Decorative Arts to continue this tradition with an aim to bring Thai designs to the world stage. This has been realized through the cooperation with the Thailand Institute of Design and Innovation Promotion, Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce to raise the standard of Thai design to meet international standards.

  • To offer a venue for Thai designers develop their works to meet international standards.
  • To recognize designers whose works reflect creativity and a contemporary identity.
  • To create a network of those in the field of design and integration between educational institutions and society.
  • To support the government policy to promote Thai designers to the international arena as well as to serve as a base of knowledge in the evolution of Thai design development.